Logo of NCP Biohorizo
This project has received funding from the European Unionís Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 652637.


BioHorizon's objectives are:

  1. Improved and professionalised Bio-NCPs services and establishment of more consistent services across Europe through internal training and the introduction of common tools.
    • improved quality of NCPs services will be achieved with the help of benchmarking of Bio-NCPs activities and with the introduction of a matrix of expertise,
    • Professionalism of the network will be improved through tackling the training needs of all Bio-NCPs,
    • The network will make use of interdisciplinary pool of knowledge by assisting less experienced NCPs through a series of 4 on-site and 8 on-line training sessions focusing on SC2 and KETBiotechnology issues,
    • The project will contribute to increasin awareness of NCPs on the issue of heterogeneity of new stakeholders and applicants in the SC2 & KET-B as 4 bioeconomy stakeholder workshops on multidisciplinary and horizontal aspects in H2020 related to SC2 and KET-B will be held in its scope,
    • Increased visibility of Bio-NCPs, especially among their national clients,will be achieved through setting up a library of common training materials to be used at national level and at training events. These materials will be accessible to all Bio-NCPs through a common communication platform.

  2. Improved cohesion of the Bio-NCP network through network activities.
    • The project will involve on-site exchange of experience and best practices for Bio-NCPs through the implementation of staff exchange visits and the e-mentoring scheme;
    • Real-time exchange of information and experience of Bio-NCPs will be done through an on-line communication platform and problem-solving hub;
    • An enhanced and more direct collaboration of Bio-NCPs will occur, as they will cooperate in brokerage events, joint workshops and cooperation with other networks (e.g. Wideningparticipation and Spreading the Excellence network and Academy Horizon 2020, NCP-CaRE, …);
    • The project will have on-line presence through social media, project’s website and classical dissemination activities targeted at applicants in H2020;

  3. Simplify access to H2020 calls through joint trans-national activities.
    • The project will allow stimulation of international research cooperation through a series of 2 regional/cross border thematic brokerage events and 3 International brokerage events organized in Brussels.