Main target:

The E-mentoring service provided by BioHorizon is tailored to the needs of NCPs from ICPCs in order to ensure a consistent level of NCP support also outside Europe.


The E-mentoring service is helping you to reinforce your existing skills and to acquire new competences through the support provided to you by more experienced Bio-NCPs (mentors). Persistent and personalised assistance provided by a mentor, implemented over the whole duration of the project, will help you to improve your qualifications and serve to deepen cooperation within the whole network of Bio-NCPs.

Services provided:

A matrix gathering contact names of mentors with their different skills and expertise is now available. Please do not hesitate to contact mentors for every support you need in your daily NCP activity for instance:

  • support for NCP strategy building
  • assistance in HORIZON 2020, SC2 and KET Biotech, but also in other H2020 programmes as well as in other EU programmes
  • support for setting up proposals
  • assistance in legal and financial issues, in project management and also in partner search and identification of consortia
  • checking proposals before submission
  • improving visibility and communication towards clients
  • support for the organisation of training activities, info-days and seminars
  • improving contact with EC (lobbying).

Skills of mentors

As of 31 December 2019, this service is no longer available.